The Harrods Brasserie, Knightsbridge

Address: Harrods, Knightsbridge
Type: Strip out & Fit out
Duration: 15 weeks
Designer: Meyer Davis / Woods Hardwick

The Harrods Brasserie is located in the basement of Harrods, Knightsbridge. A beautiful all day dining experience within the world-famous department store. 

The project was split into three phases. The first on this project was the strip out of the existing retail areas. The second phase was forming new services runs (including extensive enabling & trenching works to provide new drainage & tank within the foundations of the basement) and a full MEP install to allow the restaurant to run. The fitout formed the third phase which included the installation of new curved marble columns, joinery fixtures and finishes, kitchen, interior finishes and fixed seating.

All works were carried out at night to allow the Harrods store to operate without causing nuisance for customers. The programme of works was 15 weeks so as a result, all three phases were carried out simultaneously.