Rockfish Weymouth

Address: 48-49 The Esplanade Weymouth DT4 8DQ
Type: Fit out
Duration: 8 weeks
Designer: Macaulay Sinclair

Following on from our fitout at Exeter, the same team moved along the seafront to Weymouth where we spent 8 weeks turning a 100 year old listed shopfront property into the latest Rockfish restaurant.

Some of the original features of the building were to be retained as part of the heritage of the building but everything else received a new finish. We formed a new kitchen area, raised floor area for the bar and a private dining area nestled in the corner by the fireplace.

The Weymouth project utilised reclaimed timber panelling on the walls, bespoke joinery throughout and an outside terrace for diners to enjoy the sea air.

I have to say this is the best Rockfish yet, I absolutely love it, there are some great features and corners - working with you guys has been brilliant, Steve is legend at just getting stuff done without stress and the finishes that have been achieved have absolutely nailed Rockfish which should make the future projects easier to design and cost as we know what we need to do.

Costs have been managed well and pre-pricing variations has given us choice and notice in advance, all in all I couldn’t be more positive about it

Mitch Tonks