Obika, South Kensington

One of our newest clients is the highly successful chain of Italian restaurants and mozzarella bars, Obika. Established in 2004 it is the brainchild of Silvio Ursini who has developed a passion for simple, artisan produce, in particular the very best mozzarella. Drawing inspiration from the Sushi bars of Tokyo the Mozzarella Bar was born. The first Obika opened in Rome and was an immediate success and now Obika has 19 locations globally and is expanding and evolving every year.

Obikà originates from a word in the Neapolitan dialect that means “Here it is!” Set in sleek, stylish, modern surroundings, with clean lines, natural woods and strong architectural features, Obikà’s innovative contemporary design is as beautifully presented as the cuisine.

Opening in Draycott Avenue, South Kensington on a corner site with its gracious arched windows the latest restaurant has a chic contemporary interior. Alignment throughout was key, coordination of toughened glass, hardwoods and hot rolled steel high on the agenda. Walls, columns and bars were built to within millimetres and wine display walls from solid plate steel were fabricated with no visible fixing details. A highly specified lighting scheme compliment the finishes and solid oak parquet floors were coated black to match the colour scheme throughout. The addition of softer drapes and curtains gave this an amazing visual impact.