Coppa Club

Address: Three Quays Walk, London EC3R 6AH
Type: Fit-out
Duration: 12 weeks
Designer: Archer Humphryes

Located on the Thames, next to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London is Coppa Club, Three Quays.

Coppa Club is a space for eating, drinking, meeting and unwinding. Built around a central, brass bar that’s open on all-sides, Coppa Club has a raised lounge for working and winding down, a 250-cover restaurant with a marble herringbone floor, and a café with booths and a fireplace. Outside, there’s a large, south-facing terrace that catches the sun all day. All our seating is designed to make the most of our view over the river.

Coppa club is a space full of warm colours and luxurious materials. From the herringbone marble flooring through to the oak panelled walls, brass bar top and sumptuous sofas, every space has a great feel to it. The shopfront is a series of bi-folding doors with a brass anodised finish. These were installed alongside 245 brass-anodised metal fins, each over a metre high which protruded from the shopfront by 500mm.

The Shopfront Fins

The space is split into three areas, all of which revolve around central brass & dark oak bar that’s open to all sides. The largest of the three areas is the restaurant which takes up the largest part of the unit and sits between the bar and the open pass counter which is nestled into a slimline metal screen and reeded glass infills.

Then there’s the lounge which is for working in. This is a raised area which curves around the rear of the bar and is set away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen and lastly, the cafe area which is tucked out of the way complete with a working fire place to relax customers even further.

Issues that we had to overcome during this build included the water-feature directly above the unit (effectively a shallow pool) which covered the majority of the space. This meant that any fixings into the ceiling had to be done delicately and with precision so the water stays in the pool and not in the restaurant. The unit is also at ground floor level of a hotel so all noisy works had to be done during restricted hours.

This project is full of wonderful details and we’re proud to have been involved in delivering this space for the client.