Working From Home

The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed our lives, daily habits and will likely create a new ‘normal’ for many of us.

du Boulay Contracts have been preparing for remote working over the last 18 months and as such, this preparation has allowed the office staff to continue to operate at full capacity from home during the current pandemic and for the foreseeable future.

We wanted to share how we are doing this and what tools we’re using to stay operational.

Microsoft Office 365

We use Microsoft’s Cloud-computing system; Office 365. This includes OneDrive & Sharepoint. We’re all able to log in and access our emails, files, drawings and programmes from anywhere with an internet connection.

We invest in our technology setups to keep our teams efficient. We issue our office staff & site teams with laptops or iPads to work remotely. In addition, duel screens are available to everyone in the office. And for those members who have available space at home, we’ve provided additional screens to retain that efficiency.

Microsoft Teams

We can keep in contact with each other using Microsoft Teams. We make use of the video-calling feature for face-to-face contact with our team.

Company group video calls take place every Monday / Wednesday & Friday as a face-to-face group update and to make sure everyone’s OK!

Daily ‘coffee morning’ video calls take place at the start of each day for the team to drop in and out of if they have time. We hold all internal meetings on Teams to.

This helps us to avoid unnecessary travel by using Teams to communicate between site staff and office teams.


We use a cloud-based accounting system which allows our accounts team to continue as normal from anywhere.

Our system allows our contracts managers and commercial team to log in from anyway to review accounts and invoices.

Internal Processes & Templates

All of our internal processes, systems, apps and templates are on our staff intranet system. This is available online meaning we can operate from home just as if we were sat in the office.


du Boulay are a close knit team. We’re like a family. It’s really tough not to be sharing a space together in the traditional sense. However, we’re making the best of a tough situation. Daily video calls are helping alleviate the loneliness and our tech stream allows us to continue our work like normal.

We’re using this time to work together and strengthen our work ethic. As a result, build upon our dedication to our existing and new clients.

We’re here to help and if you need any assistance, please do get in touch.