Jamie’s Italian, Greenwich

One of our latest projects is at Greenwich – a combination of 3 buildings housing bar, restaurant, retail and Deli together with conservatory and landscaped garden at the rear. The scheme connects with the Maritime Heritage – marine colours on the joinery and seating, replica portholes, black ship lap boards around the kitchen and industrial blackened steel similar to that used in dockyards.

The kitchen is sited in full view of the diners creating a theatrical dining experience. The bar at the entrance is there to entice customers in and the deli and retail area serve customers all day, allowing them to drop in for a coffee or pick up a takeaway in the evening.

The development necessitated massive structural alterations to change the layout and as the site is in a World Heritage area we were restricted as to what could be done and where the services could be run. All works were managed in a way that would not affect the aged appearance of the buildings while preserving it for years to come.